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About Us

DevRight Speaker Agency is your premier resource for recruiting top-tier doctors who are professional speakers in their fields. We curate a diverse roster of experts, providing tailored engagements for conferences, webinars, and more. Our team has a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and we work closely with clients to ensure that our speakers meet their unique needs. At DevRight, we are committed to propelling healthcare innovation through impactful speaking engagements. Choose your DevRight trained speaker today and join us in shaping the future of healthcare education.


We specialize in honing the craft of exceptional, engaging and impactful public speakers. Our comprehensive training program transforms established and aspiring speakers into polished professionals, equipped with the skills to captivate any audience. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence — we exclusively recommend speakers who have successfully graduated from our rigorous professional speaking program.

At DevRight, we believe in the transformative power of effective communication. Our graduates undergo intensive training, mastering the art of articulation, engagement, and persuasion. When you choose a speaker recommended by us, you're selecting a graduate who has not only demonstrated proficiency but has also been groomed to meet the highest standards of impact from the podium.


Our Training Requirements

Our speakers must be graduates for our Speaker Development Series 1-IV


Owning Your Lecture

An intense and no-holds barred professional development course with a heavy dose of hands-on computer design/presentation development time. This course includes lectures, direct interactions, live presentation critiques, and the opportunity to connect with the next round of professional podium presenters.


Owning Your Room

Participants are pushed to expand their technical proficiency of presentation equipment, effective room management and the incorporation of more effective teaching techniques. Speakers are focusing on understanding their room’s equipment, problem solving for technological glitches and recognizing problem areas in the lecture venue.


Owning Your Reputation

This course highlights the incorporation of digital media for laboratory communications. Master photographic techniques for capturing intra-oral, extra-oral and laboratory media. Specific focus will be on planning your storyboard and identifying the images that will speak for themselves.


Owning Your Podium

Specific focus is on planning the speakers' approach based on the audience, problem-solving and recognizing problem participants as well as continued storyboard development, using transitions, map, hyperlinks, loops and more effective transitions.

Our Speakers Are Committed 

We guarantee our speakers are the top-tier presenters, igniting your audience's drive for elevated professionalism.

How To Become A DevRight Speaker




Take at least the first four of our SDS series in order to be a graduate.



Contact us for different Speaker Packages. We can curate bios, resumes, speaker brochures, media and more.


Start Presenting

We will work to maximize your opportunities, earnings, and career success as a speaker.

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